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    TESA floor marking tape

    TESA floor marking tape is a popular product from the TESA brand, known for its high-quality adhesive tapes for industrial and general use. TESA floor marking tape is specifically designed for marking areas in factories, warehouses, or workspaces to enhance safety and efficiency in space management. Here are the prominent features and applications of TESA floor marking tape:


    1. Durability: The tape is highly durable against foot traffic and wear from normal operations in areas with high traffic.
    2. Easy Installation: Comes with a strong adhesive that allows for easy and quick installation without the need for special tools.
    3. High Visibility: Available in bright colors like yellow, red, or white, which ensure clear visibility and enhance safety.
    4. Chemical and Water Resistance: The tape is resistant to chemicals and water, making it suitable for use in areas with high moisture or chemical exposure.


    1. Factory and Warehouse Floor Marking: The tape is used to define walkways and storage areas for safety and efficient space management.
    2. Parking Lots and Safety Zones: It is used to designate parking areas or to highlight safety zones in various locations.
    3. Sports and Events: Can be used to delineate competition areas or to allocate spaces during events.
    4. Offices and Educational Institutions: The tape can be used to define workspace areas or as boundaries in common use areas.

    TESA floor marking tape is an effective tool for managing and maintaining safety in various usage environments, especially in settings where clarity and durability of markings are required.

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    Picture of TESA Tesaflex 60760 Yellow PVC Floor Masking Tape

    TESA Tesaflex 60760 Yellow PVC Floor Masking Tape

    TESA Tesaflex 60760 is a sticky PVC plastic tape coated with resin rubber adhesive. Will allow for better adhesion on different surfaces, can be tilted when taped To mark or warn the area that we want
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