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    About us

    About WETAPESTORE.COM website by Material One (Thailand) Company Limited for the convenience of customers who want to use industrial adhesive tape From more than 10 years experience in selling industrial adhesive tapes To a large factory of the company The company has seen the importance of Thai SME to use high quality adhesive tapes and plastic film, leading brands in us that are suitable and do not need to get too much MOQ, so we created WETAPESTORE.COM to support customers in such secment. To help research, develop, use Adhesive tapes in the design of your products are of the highest performance at competitive prices. There must be a way to get too much MOQ.

    Start operation from 2011 to the present

    The product of WETAPESTORE.COM is selling all kinds of industrial adhesive tape and ordering all kinds of adhesive tape according to the needs of customers and cutting service Slit Laminate Die Cut Roll according to the design of the customers and hire tape cutting. Industrial and general adhesives

    Company overview

    Contract manufacturing, cutting and distribution Automotive and general industrial adhesive tape For use in all industries, production and assembly of transportation parts, forming measurements, food and drug control, importing, manufacturing and selling industrial adhesive tapes

    Standard received

    ISO STANDARD: ISO 9001: 2015 ISO 14001: 2015 by SGS