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    PVC Floor Marking Tape

    PVC Floor Marking Tape High quality, fresh color, not fading, sticky glue, easy to stick, not leaving stains when peeling off Used for marking the path or areas Available for sharp and curved lines Versatile use There are approximately 23 Oz./in toughness / adhesion values ​​available in many sizes. Stick on the curved floor, good to use, easy to use, easy to install Save time, color of the tape, durable, not fading, leaving no glue stains when peeling, resistant to abrasion, long service life. Resistant to chemicals Colors to choose from. Use as a tape. Single side tape that can withstand heat up to 70 ° C. Tape to draw the floor. Use the ground line to divide the work boundary (LAY OUT) for tidiness and ISO standard for work or draws on walkways in the factory and 2 colors for warning of hazardous areas Be careful to slip Warning of high heat areas or harsh chemicals etc. If it is a 2-color type, it is called PVC Hazard Warning Tape or a warning tape focused on showing dangerous areas or requiring extra caution.