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    SEKISU 575F Double-Sided Thermal Adhesive Tape

    Double sided tissue tape, Sekisui brand, cutting service according to customer needs Suitable for electronic work   Such as using heat sink to heat
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    SEKISUI 5760E Double-Sided Thermal Adhesive Tape

    5760E double-sided adhesive tape With high adhesion characteristics Resistant to heat With good flexibility Resistant to resistance Suitable for radiators, cooling pipes with cooling Edit electronic resin product labels Fixing tires, rubber seals
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    SEKISUI 5782 Low VOC Double-Sided Thermal Adhesive Tape

    SEKISUI 5782 Low VOC is a double-sided adhesive tape, removed, without VOC or called Volatile organic compounds are easily exposed to flammable odors, flammable and harmful to health. The tape is suitable for internal fixation or repair.
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    SEKISUI No.733 Curing Tape

    No.733 This tape was developed from the Model 731 as a tape for attaching plastic curing mortar. Construction or modification on wood floor materials Interior decoration, painted for the modern technician. Because it can be torn by hand And the time when peeling off the glue will not leave the period Can work more smoothly and more efficiently
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