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    Adhesive tape by Brands

    We offer top-brand adhesive tapes including 3M, NITTO DENKO, TESA, SOKEN, NICHIBAN, and HANNAM/AFTC as an official distributor. Our products are ready for nationwide delivery. We provide consultations for all usage types and offer custom tape cutting services with high-quality machinery, ensuring our customers receive standard-compliant, precise work for their applications without a minimum order requirement for cutting. We are ready to ship any brand and model at competitive prices.

    3M Thailand is renowned for the quality of its products and services, meeting the demands of customers in automotive, electronics, medical, food industries, and retail. 3M Thailand excels in producing and distributing products developed from various technologies, including abrasive materials, filtration products, Post-it® Notes, Scotch® Tapes, automotive industry graphics, medical tapes for surgical dressings, general-purpose adhesive plasters, and many more to fulfill every aspect of Thai consumers' needs. The company holds global quality certifications such as ISO 9000, QS9000, and ISO 14000, offering over 5,000 product types including Scotch-Brite®, Scotch®, Post-it®, Scotchgard™, and Scotchprint® in Thailand.

    NITTO DENKO, a Japanese adhesive tape manufacturer, is known for its chemical products used in industrial devices, automotive products, and electronics. It offers a wide range of adhesive tapes, including heat-resistant tapes, sealing tapes, double-sided butyl tapes, and more, made from high-quality materials with excellent adhesion, electrical insulation, and high-temperature resistance.

    TESA, a leading global adhesive tape manufacturer, provides high-standard products used in the automotive, electronics, electrical appliance, cleaning, transportation, and construction industries. Its extensive product range includes various tape models designed for specific applications.

    SOKEN adhesive tapes are made from acrylic adhesive, known for their resistance to heat, cold, water, and their long-lasting durability. They are suitable for various industries like automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, and more, covering industrial applications and products like LCDs, electronic devices, electrical appliances, automobiles, and building materials.

    NICHIBAN offers a wide range of products supporting various industries to enhance efficiency and flexibility in distribution. Its packaging tapes, used alongside farm produce packaging systems, and its development of modern materials resistant to heat, weather conditions, solvents, etc., exemplify its innovative approach.

    Hannam Hi Tech Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing industrial adhesive tapes and thermal foam tapes known for automotive and electronics applications. It focuses on acrylic foam tapes, offering a variety of foam tapes including self-adhesive, coated, and thermal foam tapes, suitable for different surfaces like glass, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and more.