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    Carpet Tape

    Carpet Tape Is an adhesive tape that is easy to use, suitable for general work The adhesive is very tough because it is a rubber glue that is easy to peel, leaving no stains on the surface of the material that

    is stuck. After discontinuing use of the carpet Made from mesh fiber fabric, adding adhesion to the stick tightly. When storing the carpet, can pull the tape out of the carpet in a long line. The tape will not break at all times, causing work. Can be convenient and fast when collecting after use

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    Picture of LEOTape Double Side Coated Cloth Tape (CARPET TAPE)

    LEOTape Double Side Coated Cloth Tape (CARPET TAPE)

    Carpet adhesive tape DOUBLE SIDE COATED CLOTH TAPE (CARPET TAPE) The double-sided adhesive tape of the carpet fabric brand LEOTAPE is used for general purposes such as attaching the carpet to the heel pad.
    THB190.00 excl tax
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