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    Curing Tape

    Curing tape, also known as filament tape or strapping tape in some contexts, is a specialized type of tape used primarily in various industrial applications where controlled curing of materials such as composites, coatings, or adhesives is required. It often plays a crucial role in processes that involve heat and pressure to ensure materials set or cure correctly to achieve desired mechanical properties. Here's an overview of the key characteristics, uses, and benefits of curing tape:


    1. Heat Resistance: Curing tape is typically highly resistant to heat, which makes it suitable for processes that involve elevated temperatures.
    2. Pressure Application: Some curing tapes are designed to apply uniform pressure across surfaces, which is essential in processes like vulcanization or the bonding of layered materials.
    3. Chemical Resistance: These tapes often exhibit resistance to various chemicals, solvents, and moisture, ensuring they do not degrade during the curing process.
    4. Removability: Curing tape is engineered to be removed cleanly after the curing process without leaving residues, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the final product.


    1. Composite Manufacturing: Used in the curing of composite materials, such as carbon fiber or fiberglass, where the tape helps maintain the necessary pressure and temperature.
    2. Vulcanization of Rubber: Applied in the rubber industry to hold materials in place and ensure even vulcanization, which is the chemical process for converting rubber or related polymers into more durable materials.
    3. Pipe Repair: Utilized in wrapping and sealing pipe repairs where heat and pressure are required to cure repair materials or sealants.
    4. Aerospace and Automotive: In the manufacturing and repair of parts within the aerospace and automotive sectors, where high-performance and precision are critical.


    1. Improved Process Control: Curing tape helps maintain consistent conditions throughout the curing process, leading to higher quality and uniformity in the final product.
    2. Enhanced Durability: By ensuring optimal curing conditions, the tape helps enhance the mechanical properties and durability of the material being cured.
    3. Efficiency: Facilitates quicker and more efficient curing by maintaining the necessary environmental conditions, reducing the time and energy required in industrial processes.
    4. Versatility: Can be used across a variety of materials and applications, making it a versatile tool in many industrial settings.

    Curing tape is essential in any application where precise control over curing conditions is necessary to achieve the best possible material characteristics. Its ability to withstand high temperatures and pressures makes it an invaluable component of the curing process in industries such as composites manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and electronics.

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    Picture of SEKISUI No.733 Curing Tape

    SEKISUI No.733 Curing Tape

    No.733 This tape was developed from the Model 731 as a tape for attaching plastic curing mortar. Construction or modification on wood floor materials Interior decoration, painted for the modern technician. Because it can be torn by hand And the time when peeling off the glue will not leave the period Can work more smoothly and more efficiently
    THB180.00 excl tax
    Picture of 3M 8898 Blue Strapping Tape เทปกาวสำหรับติดชั่วคราว เทปขนย้าย

    3M 8898 Blue Strapping Tape เทปกาวสำหรับติดชั่วคราว เทปขนย้าย

    เทปปิดกล่อง เทปที่ไวต่อแรงกด ความหนา 0.12 mm. ออกแบบมาสำหรับการใช้งานในอุตสาหกรรมและบรรจุภัณฑ์ที่หลากหลาย ลอกออกไม่ทิ้งคราบ มีความทนทานต่อการขีดข่วน ความชื้น และการขูดขีด เหมาะสำหรับมัด เสริม รัด ปิดกล่อง และยึดอุปกรณ์ เพื่อยึดชั้นวาง ชั้นวาง ประตู แผง สายไฟ และชิ้นส่วนต่างๆ ให้เข้าที่ ตั้งแต่โรงงานจนถึงการติดตั้ง
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