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    TESA Adhesive Tape, a leading global adhesive tape manufacturer, offers quality, standard-compliant products. It's a brand recognized for producing and distributing a range of products for use in various industries, including automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, cleaning, transportation, and construction, enjoying long-standing popularity. TESA offers a variety of adhesive tape models for selection.

    TESA floor marking tape is used for laying out work areas (LAYOUT) for organization and ISO standard compliance in workspaces or for demarcating walkways in factories. It is a PVC plastic tape coated with modified rubber resin adhesive, offering versatile adhesion on various surfaces. It can be easily torn by hand and adjusted when applied, improving adhesion on different surfaces. It's highly resistant to chemicals, durable against foot traffic, long-lasting, leaves no adhesive residue upon removal, has a smooth surface for easy cleaning, and flexes well without creasing, even when applied on curved lines.

    TESA industrial adhesive tape is one of the leading products well-known in the global tape market. TESA, a company with a long history and reputation, produces high-quality adhesive tapes for diverse industrial applications.

    Key Features of TESA Industrial Adhesive Tape:

    • Variety: TESA offers a wide range of adhesive tape products, including double-sided tapes, heat-resistant tapes, surface protection tapes, and special tapes for specific applications.
    • High Quality: Made from high-quality materials, TESA adhesive tapes are durable and well-suited for a wide range of conditions.
    • Innovation: Committed to developing new adhesive tape technologies to meet the changing needs of the market and industries.
    • Reliability: TESA adhesive tapes are known for their reliability and the ability to deliver consistent results.


    • Automotive Industry: For attaching exterior and interior components and protecting surfaces during manufacturing.
    • Electronics Industry: Adhesive tapes are used for component bonding, protection, and insulation in electronic devices.
    • Construction and Repair: Tapes are used for attaching building materials, protecting surfaces, and temporary repairs.
    • Heavy-Duty and Packaging: TESA adhesive tapes are used for strapping and securing goods to ensure stability and safety during transportation.

    When choosing TESA adhesive tape, consider:

    • Application Purpose: Clearly define the purpose of the tape. TESA offers various models designed for specific tasks.
    • Material Compatibility: Ensure the tape is suitable for the surface materials you intend to use.
    • Environmental Conditions: Select a tape that can handle the environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, and exposure to chemicals.

    TESA remains a trusted choice across industries with its high-quality adhesive tape products and technology that meet precise and reliable application needs.

    Wetapestore, the official distributor of TESA adhesive tape, offers nationwide shipping and consultations for all types of applications. We provide high-quality tape cutting services, meeting customers' standards and requirements with no minimum order quantity for cutting. We are ready to deliver TESA adhesive tape in all models.

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    Picture of TESA Tesaflex 60760 Yellow PVC Floor Masking Tape

    TESA Tesaflex 60760 Yellow PVC Floor Masking Tape

    TESA Tesaflex 60760 is a sticky PVC plastic tape coated with resin rubber adhesive. Will allow for better adhesion on different surfaces, can be tilted when taped To mark or warn the area that we want
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