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    Glue, Primer, Silicone, Film

    Is a high strength adhesive With fast adhesion Firmly fixed in wood and used in other types of work such as plastic, steel, laminated work Foam and steel Wood and other surfaces Including leather seats, fabrics, home furnishings and more. There are spray heads that can adjust the spray spray width to suit the nature of the job.

    Is a glue that is in the form of water glue Can apply points on the adhesive tape of the product that we will stick to Press for a while, the glue will dry and absorb with the material attached. When dry, it will look like adhesive tape Does not destroy the surface of the material that is overlaid Suitable for work types using cutting edges and chrome eyebrows or Kevlar stickers To keep the edges and help to stick firmly Lasting longer than usual, etc.

    Opaque, resistant to heat, cold. Also add a little viscosity to silicone. In addition, there are outstanding features in preventing the occurrence of fungi. Used for adhesive tape Rubber or plastic mold Used in cutting steel blades To lubricate the steel blade and prevent heat from friction

    Stretch Film
    Has become more active in our lives, respectively The obvious usage example is Used to wrap fresh food trays and semi-finished food sets Which are sold in general supermarkets. In addition, stretch films are used for other industrial products to combine products. Is the same unit Including wrapping the goods on the product support platform for transporting Using stretch film to wrap the product for the benefit To prevent contamination, extend the shelf life of the product, both consumers can see and capture the product. Or for unit integration Products to be large units to help facilitate transportation and storage.