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    Glue is a high strength adhesive. With fast adhesion Firmly fixed in wood and used in other types of work such as plastic, steel, laminated work Foam and steel Wood and other surfaces Including leather seats, fabrics, home furnishings and more. There are spray heads that can adjust the spray spray width to suit the nature of the job.

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    3M SP-7533 Sceen-Printable Adhesive

    Water glue is used for screen passing through the screen block in order to obtain a thin adhesive that is plastered on the surface of the material. Only laminated with green silicone liner paper, can be applied on many types of labels and templates for multiple surfaces. Size 3Kg / Pail
    ฿2,750.00 excl tax
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    3M 847 Nitrile High Performance Rubber 5Oz

    Nitrile rubber adhesive for premium grade gaskets for a variety of applications, manufactured to stick to materials that are flexible, oil resistant, can be chewed with heat through the Meets MMM-A-121 standard. Bonds leather, nitrile rubber, gasketing materials to a variety of substrates
    ฿190.00 excl tax
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    3M 1099 Nitrile High Performance Plastic Adhesive

    3M 1099 Nitrile High Performance Plastic Adhesive dries quickly with an open time of approximately 40 minutes. Its assembled bonds are proven to be strong while resisting weathering as well as damage from water, oil and fuel. Additionally, it bonds well to plastics and vinyl, providing long-term adhesion as well as good resistance to plasticizer migration.
    ฿190.00 excl tax
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    TAMIYA 87137 Cement for ABS

    TAMIYA 87137 Cement For ABS Plastic 40ml This new cement is specially formulated for use with ABS plastic parts for you gundam gunpla model kits, which cannot be attached with normal plastic cement.
    ฿120.00 excl tax
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    TAMIYA 87138 CA Cement Accelerator

    This CA Cement Accelerator enables quicker curing of CA cement. Apply the accelerator to one cementing surface and the CA cement to the other. A strong bond will quickly form when the two surfaces are pressed together. This is ideal for attaching small photo-etched parts or parts with a very small cementing surface. The bottle's cap has an applicator brush to ensure easy application. This is an alcohol-based accelerator that keeps damage to plastic parts to a minimum. 1 bottle contains 10ml.
    ฿360.00 excl tax
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    TAMIYA 87012 Cement

    This cement is for use assembling plastic (styrene) models. Comes is a stable hexagonal bottle 47mm tall. Contents: 20ml. Features a brush for application on the reverse side of the cap.
    ฿80.00 excl tax
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    TAMIYA 87101 CA Cement กาวติดชิ้นส่วนโลหะ

    Tamiya has now packaged CA cement in smaller 0.5g tubes that can be conveniently used in one time, thereby eliminating waste. It can be used with plastics, metal, and synthetic parts for quick application.
    ฿240.00 excl tax
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    TAMIYA 87139 CA Cement Strong

    This CA Cement (Strong) offers greater resistance against impacts compared to conventional CA cements. Ideal for attaching photo-etched parts or parts with small cementing surfaces. Tube features a screw-on cap which helps prevent nozzle blockage. 1 tube contains 3g.
    ฿150.00 excl tax
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    TAMIYA MC124 Mr.Cement

    Mr Cement 23ml Plastic Model Cement (Glue) Mr.CEMENT is appropriate for attachment between plastic parts in models(sterol resin plastics). Mr.CEMENT has a suitable adhesion and strong strength because it contains high-quality resins. Contains a brush.
    ฿95.00 excl tax
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