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    DIC adhesive tape refers to adhesive tape manufactured by DIC Corporation, a Japanese company specializing in various chemical products, including adhesives and tapes. DIC Corporation offers a wide range of adhesive tapes for different applications, including packaging, industrial use, automotive, and electronics.

    Their adhesive tapes are known for their quality, durability, and versatility, and they may offer various types of adhesive tapes suitable for different surfaces, environments, and purposes.

    If you have specific requirements or need further information about DIC adhesive tapes, it's recommended to visit their official website or contact their customer service for assistance.

    DIC Corporation is a global leader in the manufacturing of adhesive tapes, providing a comprehensive range of products tailored to various industries and applications. Here are some additional points about DIC adhesive tapes:

    1. Diverse Applications: DIC adhesive tapes find applications across a wide range of industries, including packaging, automotive, electronics, construction, healthcare, and more. They offer solutions for bonding, sealing, mounting, insulation, and protection.

    2. Advanced Technology: DIC Corporation invests in research and development to incorporate advanced technologies into their adhesive tape products. This includes innovations in adhesive formulations, backing materials, and manufacturing processes to ensure high performance and reliability.

    3. Custom Solutions: DIC offers custom adhesive tape solutions to meet specific customer requirements. They work closely with clients to develop tailored products that address unique challenges and applications, providing expert technical support throughout the process.

    4. Quality Assurance: DIC maintains stringent quality control measures to ensure that their adhesive tapes meet the highest standards for performance, durability, and safety. Their manufacturing facilities adhere to international quality management systems and certifications.

    5. Environmental Responsibility: DIC is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility in their adhesive tape manufacturing processes. They prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials and production methods to minimize environmental impact while delivering high-quality products.

    Overall, DIC adhesive tapes are trusted by industries worldwide for their quality, reliability, and versatility, making them a preferred choice for various applications requiring strong and durable bonding solutions.

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    Picture of DIC 8800CH Double Sided Adhesive Tape Tissue Tape

    DIC 8800CH Double Sided Adhesive Tape Tissue Tape

    Double-sided adhesive tape, tissue paper is a double-sided adhesive tape. That does not use halogen compounds or antimony. Flame retardants are dangerous substances. The tape is strong. Resistant to abrasion Used in many applications in office equipment, home appliances and automotive applications. Especially the double-layer adhesive tape that responds to the environment
    ฿140.00 excl tax
    Picture of DIC 8840ER Double Coated Adhesive Tape

    DIC 8840ER Double Coated Adhesive Tape

    8840ER is a adhesive tape with high adhesion to various metal materials, polyolefins and plastics. Various rubber materials and elastomer thermoplastic Resistant to abrasion Heat and moisture resistant Suitable for work Welding of car tire material Securing car tire material And welding of various materials for the industry, the thickness is only 0.135mm
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    Picture of DIC AD-140 Double-Coated Adhesive Tape

    DIC AD-140 Double-Coated Adhesive Tape

    AD-140 is a thin, double-sided adhesive. Used in the manufacturing industry Due to its unique characteristics Quickly attached
    ฿7,500.00 excl tax
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