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    Picture of 3M Peltor Optime 98 H9A Earmuffs

    3M Peltor Optime 98 H9A Earmuffs

    The ear muffs on the headband on both sides of the ear cover have a number that represents the maximum volume that is protected at 95 dBA. The ear cover is soft. And distribute pressure well (Patented-twin cup design) To prevent resonance, NRR 25 dB noise reduction has been approved by ANSI 3.19-1974, preventing both high and low frequencies well, being compact throughout the wearing time. Put in to ensure safety
    THB1,150.00 excl tax
    Picture of 3M Peltor Optime H10P3E Ear Muffs Helmet type

    3M Peltor Optime H10P3E Ear Muffs Helmet type

    The headband of the headband is made of stainless steel. Adjustable length And stretching with the ears Helps spread the pressure of the head Increase comfort while wearing And strong Ear pads designed to be exceptionally soft Is copyright only To help increase firmness And reduce pressure around the ear The side of the ear cover with 105 numbers indicates the ability of the ear muffs to reduce noise levels up to 105 decibels, receiving ANSI S3.19-1974 standard.
    THB1,210.00 excl tax