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    SOKEN SCA47-300 Curing Tape เทปขนย้าย

    Manufacturer: SOKEN
    Moving tape attached to the indigo for the built-in construction, covering the wall, shredded by hand. Peel off, leaving no stains on the surface, easy to use. Products ready to sell tape for construction.
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    General characteristics
    Soken orange adhesive tape is a high-performance adhesive tape This type of adhesive tape is Options for industrial systems Can protect various surfaces From spreading from some small chemicals in construction work
    product composition
    tape thickness: 0.150mm
                                  Orange color PE Cloth
      Acrylic PSA

    important information
    ・ Raw materials do not use halogen and heavy metal compounds
    ・ High strength armor, suitable for various surfaces Including rough surfaces

    ・ Temporary protection for the surface From plowing during construction And applying home decorations such as paintings, adhesives or leaks.
    ・ Use temporary attachments on the floor and glass surface

    Caution ・ This product is designed and manufactured as a cloth tape. ・ Avoid direct contact with human skin to prevent irritation and prickly heat. Rash ・ Confirm the safety of use. Has been tested on the surface before use. ・ Peeling off the glue may cause damage to the surface. Which depends Surface characteristics ・ Should not be used on wood, printed plywood, decorative materials, marble, PVC sheets and other surfaces. With low surface hardness. ・ Can not be used as an electrical insulation. ・ Check dirt, such as oil, water and other contaminated surfaces before use.

    item list is equal to testing process
    Peel Strength
    (N / m) < / span>
    420 180 degrees peel off at 300 mm / min, 23 ºC 65% RH, on the test sheet, take 20 minutes
    Holding Power
    0.3 1kg weight for 1 hour to SUS with 20 × 20mm overlap area at 40ºC, 20min conditioning time
    Ball tack 18 23ºC 65% RH in line with J Dow's method

    6 days from the date of delivery when stored in the original container at a temperature below 40ºC and a maximum of 70% compared to moisture without direct sunlight
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