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    Polyurethane Pu Foam

    Polyurethane Pu Foam Which will freeze when exposed to water droplets in the air Has excellent adhesion properties, used for filling gaps, cracks, crevices and also as a thermal insulation Well soundproof Properties of thermal insulation polyurethane foam (Polyurethane Foam, PU Foam)

    • Consisting of 95% fine foam, durable and not collapse
    • There is a mixture of slightly soluble solvents such as concentrated nitric acid or sulfuric acid which is important for chemical waterproofing.
    • Is thermal insulation Waterproof, leakproof, soundproof, shockproof
    • Because it has excellent thermal properties So can just spray some foam
    • With tightly attached properties Can be used with a wide range of materials such as concrete or metal sheets
    • Low water absorption rate Thus waterproofing is excellent
    • No environmental friendly CFC
    • Prevent acid-base corrosion, oil microorganisms