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    Glue is a high strength adhesive. With fast adhesion Firmly fixed in wood and used in other types of work such as plastic, steel, laminated work Foam and steel Wood and other surfaces Including leather seats, fabrics, home furnishings and more. There are spray heads that can adjust the spray spray width to suit the nature of the job.

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    Picture of 3M K520 Adhesion Promoter

    3M 4298 UV Adhesion Promoter

    4298 uv adhesive glue Is a substance that enhances the adhesion of tapes or adhesives to materials such as applying primer before sticking with double-sided adhesive tape Acrylic foam For automotive industry Since the substrate depends on the surface, it may vary. With active materials
    Picture of 3M SP-7533 Sceen-Printable Adhesive

    3M SP-7533 Sceen-Printable Adhesive

    Water glue is used for screen passing through the screen block in order to obtain a thin adhesive that is plastered on the surface of the material. Only laminated with green silicone liner paper, can be applied on many types of labels and templates for multiple surfaces. Size 3Kg / Pail
    Picture of 3M K520 Adhesion Promoter

    3M 1099 Nitrile High Performance Plastic Adhesive

    3M 1099 Nitrile High Performance Plastic Adhesive dries quickly with an open time of approximately 40 minutes. Its assembled bonds are proven to be strong while resisting weathering as well as damage from water, oil and fuel. Additionally, it bonds well to plastics and vinyl, providing long-term adhesion as well as good resistance to plasticizer migration.
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